Danarti Tbilisi Style This is Danarti first issue which includes only images with no other text but an editor’s introduction. The issue focuses on Tbilisi ‘informal style’, which dominated the Capital through almost two decades – after the fall of USSR until now, facing a threat of a massive gentrification. This includes: self-organized street markets, Taxi salons, shops, windows, exteriors and interiors of the city. The issue is an attempt to catch the moment in time through contributions by: Ketuta Alexi-Meskhiahvili, Nanka Dolidze, Andro Eradze, Lado Lomitashvili, Nata Sopromadze, Anna Tsitsishvili and others.
Danarti The Buildigns Are Not Enough
The eighth issue of Danarti is a special release dedicated to Tbilisi architectural biennial – “Buildings are not enough”. It responds to the main topic of this event, containing texts by Georgian and international scholars about the current processes in the urban space in Tbilisi and discusses the circumstances which provide conditions for changes in the city and its historical, political and cultural context.
About Danarti Zine: Danarti is a self-published bilingual zine on critical vision, based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Danarti means an additional document in Georgian. It operates online and in print and is distributed for free.