Wato Tsereteli

Wato Tsereteli is an artist, curator and creative administrator. He studied Film in Tbilisi and obtained an MA from the Department of Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (Belgium). In 2010 he established the Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi—an institution that occupies abandoned places in the city and transforms them into zones of urban creativity. Central to the work of CCA is the Informal Master’s Program, an experimental platform in post-studio practice and creative mediation. In 2012, Wato initiated the Tbilisi Triennial—a long-term project focused on education and research into self-organized and independent art practices worldwide. Wato’s artistic works are two, three, and four-dimensional objects with well-structured spatial organizations, such as his video essay “Descriptions: Tbilisi” which was included in the 53rd Venice Biennial as part of the Georgian Pavilion, while his larger initiatives recreate public and private spaces into artistic and social settings.

Wato, took part in the panel “Pedagogy of/at the Periphery” during the symposium.