Vazha Marr

Vazha marr + Gio kuchuhidze

Vazha marr is a musical producer from Tbilisi . His Experimental pieces meditate between a variety of genres from ambient to Glitch and conventional melodic structures. Inspired to re-define the legacy of past decades, outside his solo-project “VAZHMARR”, he actively collaborates with other musicians and artists with different backgrounds

Gio kuchuhidze artist name “gyio” is a Georgian music maker, architect/artist from Tbilisi. He works under different aliases, including “listen to the motion” or “d i n” etc… Each project brings a different understanding and knowledge of music, film and arts in general. Each project is distinctive from previous in terms of content and sound, creating kind of “meta music”, music that is informative, perceiving information from visuals and sound. Using his knowledge of architecture, he creates textures, spaces and data processing in his music. Aside from his projects, he collaborates in multidisciplinary fields (in various media) with different artists, architects and music makers.

Sound Installation

It is impossible to get rid of the construction noise. The work attempts to organize it with the help of deeper observation and listening to it. This is a brain provocation to organize a noise, where the structure and rhythm kills dissonance. The flow of uncertain voice and sounds becomes a geometrically combined music.