Pedagogy of/at the Periphery

There has emerged in the past decade a distinct category of project that we might term the pedagogical. From the “educational turn” in curating to the open workshops of cultural institutions; from short term, tactical platforms to long-term institution building, what work do all these schools do? And what work do they do here, specifically? That is, what context do they produce and participate in? To initiate a pedagogical platform is to perhaps first identify a gap—or opportunity—within a given context of education. This panel considered the content, methods, approach, and context of a number of experimental pedagogical platforms.

In a conversation moderated by Jesse Vogler (Georgia, Free University of Tbilisi), we were joined by Merve Bedir (Turkey / Hong Kong, A-Formal Academy / Land+Civilization Composition), Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius (Berlin, Raumlabor / Floating University), Ia Kupatadze (Georgia, Ilia State University), Olga Tenisheva (Russia, Strelka Institute), and Wato Tsereteli (Georgia, Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi / Informal MFA Program)