Onur Ceritoğlu

Onur Ceritoglu

Istanbul-based Onur Ceritoglu has studied architecture and visual arts. His photography, videos, texts and installations explore urban phenomena with a socially engaged attitude. Fascinated by the discarded objects he finds, Ceritoglu uses them to re-contextualize urban life. His current PhD research is examining scrap dealers that have become part of Istanbul’s urban reconstruction process by collecting materials of demolished buildings in order to reuse them. He is part of the artist collective Kaba Hat (‘transgression’), a Turkish group of politically engaged artists.



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The Island

The benches for the TAB have been produced with the help of design students and a local carpentry workshop. Aiming to create a public space, they are placed to mark a grass island – a refuge island – where you can sit and rest, which is situated next to the Bridge Building. The design of the benches are inspired by the makeshift public furniture solutions of Gldani’s people. By placing them in different variations, the work signifies a public installation.