what do we have in common

The international one-day conference aimed to bring together various international and local actors to discuss the role of cultural institutions and their relationship to cities. On the one hand the symposium intended to critically debate the establishment of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial and its first edition. On the other hand, the symposium focused on starting a conversation about the continuation of the first edition of 2018 and the new topic of the upcoming Biennial in 2020.

First Panel
Whose Biennial? “Cultural Interaction with Urban Space”

Is it possible to create a common platform for discussion by organizing an urban cultural event? Can a cultural festival become a catalyst for change?
This panel discussion aims to bring together various local and international cultural institutions to question the importance of cultural festivals and their influence on the urban context.

1. Francesco Degl’Innocenti (Moderator, Volume Magazine)
2. Anna Dobrova (MetaLab, Сеанс Міського Сканування / City Scanning Session)
3. Paul Domela (Manifesta Biennial)
4. Tbilisi Architecture Biennial
5. Wato Tsereteli (CCA – Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi)

Second Panel
Our Space – “What do we have in common?”

How do we perceive our common space? What kind of common spaces do we share? How can a common space be produced? How can we design common space collectively?

1. Christian Hanussek, Jochen Becker (Moderator, MetroZones)
2. Nanni Grau (Hütten & Paläste)
3. Levan Kalandarishvili
4. Levan Shatberashvili
5. Medium ongoing project in Gldani

TAB – ongoing and Future plans and collaborations

1.Presentation about the ACT UP project “Activating Urban
Periphery in Eastern Europe” funded by German Federal
Foreign Office.
2.Sarah Cowles -“ Master of Landscape” Program
3.Upcoming Tbilisi Architecture Biennial Plans

● The event was supported by თბილისის მერია / Tbilisi City Hall, TBC Status – თიბისი სტატუსი, Adjara Group • აჭარა ჯგუფი Enterprise Georgia / აწარმოე საქართველოში Goethe-Institut Georgien Fabrika • ფაბრიკა Artarea/Tv2.0 designtbilisi Geoair Archidrome
● Tbilisi Architecture Biennial is Co-funded by Creative Europe Creative Europe Georgia