Martin Duplantier

Martin Duplantier Architectes has been established in France (Paris, Bordeaux) in 2008 and is lead by Martin Duplantier.  His architectural practice devotes its efforts largely to research and experimentation that are framed by a desire to find feasible responses to architectural problems. Engaged in a global vision of architecture and sustainability, he draws from his experiences in China, Mexico, and Niger, where he developed a method of earthen construction that uses no wood.

Stemming from his previous collaboration with David Chipperfield, they have decided to work together on the extension of the HEC campus at Jouy-en-Josas, which was delivered in Summer 2012. In the same stride, Martin worked on other campus-based projects, both urban and rural, that act as reservoirs for people and ideas where knowledge, the intangible, and the immaterial, mesh.

Today, Martin Duplantier Architectes  works on a number of projects at the regional scale. Notably, Martin is designing a new masterplan for the Cité Radieuse neighbourhood in Marseilles, the seafront at Anglet, a high school in Luanda (Angola), bridges in Zhang Jia Jie park (China), and several urban regeneration projects such as Reims Port Colbert.

Driven by the desire to explore the design problems of our time (i.e. the rethinking of the modernist ideal, the densification of urban centers, the rehabilitation of once-pristine lands, etc.), and the wish to enrich both his practice and approach, Martin gives lectures and organizes workshops in several universities around the world (Singapore, Kharkov, HongKong…).

Martin is currently the president of the French national architectural association, “AMO”, gathering thousands of actors of the urban making process.

Martin, took part in the panel “Learning from Gldani” during symposium.