Mariam Detu

Mariam Natroshvili and Detu Jincharadze

They are Tbilisi-based artists. Working mainly in public (and sometimes private) spaces in their artistic and curatorial projects, they bring art to unexpected places, questioning the possibility of a different future. Since 2011 duo is working in two different directions: text based art and museums. In temporary museums artists collect and recontextualize forgotten information. With short texts, words and sentences always found and borrowed from different sources, Natroshvili and Jincharadze ask questions about history, memories and possible future. Duo is interested in post-Soviet mythology, disappearing knowledge, invisible people, forgotten places, and the recreation of vanished memories. They are also founders of the art newspaper Revolver and the Museum of Contemporary Art Tbilisi.

Burn as soon as you read

Burn after reading – this is usually added at the end of an e-mail or letter. Mostly used in confidential mails and secret letters. The term implies the suggestion of destroying the document after it is read. Texts used in the project are borrowed headlines from Georgian press of 80s and 90s.