Kuba Snopek

Having graduated from the City Planning department of Wrocław University of Technology and “Preservation” studio (led by Rem Koolhaas) at Moscow’s Strelka Institute, Kuba Snopek is an expert in post-socialist cities. The Polish urbanist has worked on projects ranging from urban planning to architecture theory. He is an author of publications and curator of architectural exhibitions. Snopek has worked as a tutor and faculty member at the Strelka Institute and as the curator of the educational program of the Kharkiv School of Architecture.

In his book “Belyayevo Forever”, Kuba Snopek describes paradoxes of preservation of architecture that completely lacks uniqueness. Investigating the rich culture of Belyayevo – a typical Moscow mass-housing estate – he proposes to preserve generic modernist architecture based on its intangible values. In the research project “Architecture of the VII Day”, which he co-authored, Snopek examines the church-construction boom in Communist Poland. Currently Kuba Snopek investigates the use of contemporary collaborative methods in architectural design. He co-authored “Stage” – a fully crowdsourced and crowdfunded pavilion in Dnipro (Ukraine), awarded a Special Mention in 2018 European Prize for Urban Public Space.

Kuba, took part in the panel “Post Soviet Transformations” during the symposium.