‘Sustainable Urbanism.’ These two words represent the biggest challenge and the biggest hope of our generation. ISU explores, teaches, co-designs, engineers, and promotes all strata of sustainable development in the context of worldwide urbanisation. ISU is a think tank, design and research laboratory committed to promoting science and scholarship in an international, inter- and transdisciplinary setting.

The Institute for Sustainable Urbanism (ISU) is researching and developing tools and strategies for more sustainable cities and communities. Its progressive ideas in linking architecture, urban design and planning to a multitude of other disciplines, such as environmental science, traffic engineering, political science, psychology and data sciences, within the context of a common ground – sustainable cities and urban regions – has generated new holistic approaches towards a more science-based urban design. Extending the limits of its own discipline, ISU engages in multidisciplinary joint projects, gaining scientific and data-based knowledge of the complexity of the urban world and redefines the understanding how the structure, design and shape of the built environment is key towards sustainable urbanism.