Giorgi Vardiashvili

Giorgi Vardiashvili

Giorgi Vardiashvili studied viticulture and wine technologies in Agricultural University of Georgia, Tbilisi (2013-2015). In 2015 he changed his profile and moved to Visual Arts, Architecture and Design School at the Free University (2015-2018). Since 2015 he has taken part in several projects and exhibitions: 2018 Group Show And, abandoned school building, Tbilisi; 2017 ArtRa, National Museum, Oni, Georgia; Nearby Not Far Away, VAADS, Free University; 2016 Between Cognac and Africa, Nectar Gallery, Tbilisi; All and Everything, video exhibition, Artarea Gallery, Tbilisi. Vardiashvili works in different mediums including painting, sculpture, installation and video. In 2017 Vardiashvili won the contest of the Transcultural Art Lab, winning an artists’ residency in Juist Island, Germany. In the same year he was named as the best contestant of the Tsinandali Award (Georgia)..

Artist lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia.


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Urban monument

Giorgi Vardiashvili is one of the winners of the TAB open call. He studies visual art and design at Free University Tbilisi. His interests are focused on observing controversial issues and expressing them in different media such as large scale installation, sculpture, video.

Recently strict relations between the nature and the constant construction processes have become a perpetual challenge for Tbilisi. Last 50 years, suburbs of Tbilisi are changing and urban environment is expanding on the daily basis. People need more residential spaces, reconstructions, new buildings and at the same time more natural resources are also needed.  Perceptive and meaningless interventions in the environment formed the urban landscape as a rough and brutal. Living here represents a spontaneously constant process, where environmental surrounding changes daily.  Often crucially important mother-nature is replaced by residential spaces for human beings. Urban Monument, a wooden log partially dipped in concrete and stretched on the scaffold, represented at Tbilisi architecture Biennial is a symbol of Tbilisi’s suburban dilemma.