David Bostanashvili

David Bostanashvili (b. 1982) is professor of architecture at the Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi.
Bostanashvili has worked at the Georgian Technical University’s faculty of architecture since 2007. He teaches architectural design and the semiology of architecture. He leads a studio-workshop, founded in 1990 by prof. Shota Bostanashvili, “the Poetics of Architecture”, which is focused on conceptual reflection on the links between architecture, culture, philosophy and art, and allows students to explore the limits of paper architecture. Hi is the co-author of a monograph, “Butza. Architect Victor Jorbenadze” (2012). David Bostanashvili has participated in numerous architectural workshops and competitions,and was the co-curator of exhibition “nara/tivi” at gallery nectar, Tbilisi.