Barbora Gallo

Bàra Gallo

(1984, Czech Republic)
Coming from performing art and contemporary dance background I was always interested and attached to participatory art that involves the audience as a necessary component for finalizing the artwork. In the past I was mostly working as a curator, dramaturg and producer. From working for Czech National Theatre (dramaturge for ballet company), through work for contemporary dance theatres (Duncan Centre and Ponec Theatre in Prague) to work for Prague City Gallery and Skaftfell – Centre for Visual Art in Iceland, my involvement was mostly shifted towards audience and their reception of presented art pieces. My own art practice started with drawing zines (again necessary presence of audience – readers) and small handmade posters that had been exchanged between people and had never been published widely or presented online (for purpose). But I felt even more the wish to get rid of physical presence and transmute my artworks into something more abstract and ephemeral – sound – soundart. That is where my sound path began. I was involved in broadcasting for Seydisfordur Community Radio in east Iceland, and I participated at the International Festival of improvised music in Prague – vs. Interpretation.
When I moved to Tbilisi I researched the local noise and sound scene, got involved in several projects. My continuing interest in sound and radio art has resulted in events at the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial and Tbilisi Triennial festival.

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