Ayham Dalal

Ayham Dalal is a researcher, architect-artist and PhD candidate based between Berlin and Amman. He is co-leading and teaching at the project “Architecture of Asylum” at the Technische Universität Berlin that explores the spatial practices and typologies of refugee camps in Germany and Jordan. In his research, Ayham focuses on urban informality, culture and identity politics and how they shape the built environment of Arab cities. In addition to teaching at TU Berlin and GUtech in Oman, Ayham has done several workshops and consultancy works in Palestinian and Syrian camps in Jordan with/for GIZ, UNRWA and Turquoise Mountain. In 2017, he founded the art-research initiative “Memory, Place, Heritage, Displacement” that is concerned with tracing and assessing Syrian urban heritage in exile. He is also a research fellow at the Institut français du Proche-Orient (IFPO) in Amman and Beirut.

Ayham, also took part in the panel “New Economies, New Landscapes” during symposium.