Andro Eradze

Andro Eradze

Andro Eradze (1993) lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. He studied film at Shota Rustaveli Film & Theatre University. After finishing non-formal MA program at CCA-T (Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi) he was part of the several Artist in Residence programs (among others the Salzburg Summer Academy 2015 and Juist, Germany 2016) His works are often linked or connected to the lens-based and time-based practices such as: Film / Video Installations, Photography, and Site-Specific pieces. His practice is existing somewhere between the hybrid of fictive and the documentary that allows him to access to the state of delusion where logic is put aside in order to go through the stranger parts of our perception or create certain narratives from the existent facts which convey into the fictional language of moving images, including recent history, memories, demystification of events and playing with social or economical counterpoints, for understanding surroundings and environment, for documenting, creating or faking events, ‘for keeping it all alive’. Central theme in Eradze’s practice is humans traces in nature and the turbulent relation between the living creatures.

Non-human spots inspire artist to create a new forms of ‘storytelling’ with the appearance of imaginary characters, he invites the viewer to enter the subjective world of real and the mythical with a diverse sense of dislocation and physically existing. 

His works have been published in books and magazines, among them Georgian Photography 1955–2012 (Tbilisi, Georgia) and Lee Make History (Amsterdam). Eradze’s book To all those untitled events (2017) was presented at the Vienna Photobook Festival 2017. He took part in several international group shows including Picture Languages Frankfurt Fotografie Forum  (2018); Descriptions Frankfurter Atelier, (2018); Story as a woven carpet 68 Project, Berlin, Germany (2019)

Wave (gesture)

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