Adrian Judt + Helene Schauer

Adrian Judt and Helene Schauer

Adrian Judt and Helene Schauer collaborate on various multidisciplinary projects, often with a larger group of people from different fields. Both live and work in Vienna, Austria.

Adrian Judt crosses disciplinary boundaries form urban design to art, architecture and urban research. Across varying scales, he focusses on process oriented design strategies, collective forms of living and the upgrade of building typologies in different spatial and thematic contexts. Besides his conceptual works, his teaching allows Adrian to reflect his design approach within the academical discourses.

Helene Schauer focusses on peripheral areas of architecture – the interface to spatial planning, exhibition design, performances/installations in public space as well as scenic design. Within her research she explores potentials of public spaces in the peripheries as well as the perception and influences of traffic hubs on the surrounding urban fabric.


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To Be Constructed

The temporary installation ‘To Be Constructed’ showcases typical building materials which can be found in self-built constructions all over Tbilisi. By displaying these materials on a bright blue exhibition platform in the neighborhood of Gldani, the installation acknowledges and esteems informal building strategies of inhabitants as response to social transformations.

Following the idea of generating surplus value for the local community, the exhibited building materials are given away for free for further informal constructions and adaptations to the existing environment. Neighbors and guests are invited to take materials for their personal use.